Vo Yo™ Vocal Yoga

Vo Yo. Free your voice. Empower your life.

Where does your voice come from?

  • You’ll hear instructor Mary Miller ask students this question – and the answers will multiply as you develop your authentic voice with Vocal Yoga.

  • Vocal Yoga; or Vo Yo to those in the know; is a powerful program to unify mind, body, spirit and voice.

  • Whether you are a lifetime practitioner or new to yoga, you’ll take away practical and fun strategies to develop your voice.

  • No singing or yoga experience needed.

Here's what Mary's
Vo-Yo students say:

  • "Mary's Vocal Yoga class is a must for anyone who seeks to improve communication skills and professional image.
  • The next day I read before a capacity crowd at Pass-A-Grille Beach Church. By using techniques learned in Mary's class, I was able to speak with a new found confidence. Several people complimented the strength and projection of my voice. " Rebecca Proctor, Retired federal courtroom deputy and federal court training coordinator.

  • "Gracie’s voice has developed from boxed Boone’s Farm to a full-bodied fine wine!" (In just 5 lessons) Jen B.C., Proud Mom.

  • "My friend asked me what I’m been doing differently with my voice. She said my voice is more musical!" (after 2 private Stage Coaching lessons! ) Denise Glueck, LMT, RYT Founder Yoga Moves.
  • "I used to sing, but since my mom died I’ve been avoiding it. Mary’s class helped open my voice and made me feel more confident. I’m singing again!" Anonymous Vo Yo Student.